Transforming Travel and Tourism: Join the Exclusive EDGE & FiiRE Cohort!

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In an exciting collaboration, Deshpande Startups' EDGE Program and FiiRE Goa have joined hands to offer you, entrepreneurs and innovators, an exclusive opportunity to reshape the travel and tourism industry.

This joint incubation cohort introduces a tailor-made 3-month Idea-Market Validation Program capable of transforming your ideas into thriving ventures.

Let's begin by introducing you to the mentor of the cohort, who will play a pivotal role in your startup journey!

Meet the Mentor: Dr Krishna Kumar T I!

Image of Dr Krishna Kumar T I

Dr Krishna Kumar T I, recipient of the PMI Eric Jenett Excellence Award, will be the lead faculty for the cohort.

With a wealth of entrepreneurial experience of more than two decades, he has made impactful contributions in India, the USA, and the UK, bringing diverse perspectives to the table.

His expertise covers a wide spectrum, including Project Delivery Leadership, Sales, Account Management, Program Management, Business Analysis, and Change Management across Industrial, Communication, and Public Sectors.

He is the catalyst you need to build your startup. And if you're not already convinced, here are compelling factors why you should jump on board!

Reasons to Join Startup Cohort

We at EDGE and FiiRE Goa, have collectively supported more than 250 startups, launched 140 startups and engaged with more than 2500 entrepreneurs.

Our portfolio has raised over $ 1 Million in funds. These numbers are just a measure of our performance, but we have more to offer:

1. One-on-One Mentoring: Our facilitators, who are entrepreneurs themselves, can be your sounding boards and help refine your ideas by providing personalized guidance.

2. Industry Experts as Mentors: Interacting with seasoned professionals who have a deep understanding of building startups in your niche can be immensely insightful.

3. Access to Tech Giants: Our invaluable partnerships with renowned tech giants like AWS, Google for Startups, GitHub, Freshworks and many more can streamline your startup journey.

Logos of ZOHO, Google for Startups, AWS and Notion

4. Peer Learning: Networking with like-minded founders and potential collaborators can create a conducive environment for growth and innovation.

5. Pitching Opportunities: Showcasing your ideas can attract potential investors, securing crucial funds to scale your startup.

So, are you ready to board the flight to startup success?

Fill out the application form below and be a part of the exclusive community!

Remember! The seats are limited since we want to ensure you have an immersive and impactful cohort experience.

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To sum up the key highlights!

  • Theme: Travel & Tourism

  • Sector: Agnostic

  • Timeline: 12 Weeks

  • Fees: INR 15,000 per Startup Team

For any queries, reach out to us: